Alec Govoni


Growing up with two younger siblings helped me develop strong leadership, social, and communication skills from an early age. My childhood was filled with family trips and happy memories. My parents instilled in my head at a young age, that “money doesn’t grow on trees”, and this helped me always appreciate the value of money. 

My first job was in a local pizzeria, as a delivery driver. The owner quickly noticed and admired my passion for my work, strong desire to learn and willingness grow. He eventually put me in a management role. For five eventful years I helped run the pizzeria, and am grateful for every second of it. About to graduate from Bristol Community College and move across the state to attend the University of Massachusetts Amherst, my boss asked if I was interested in purchasing the business from him. This left me with an itch that could only be scratched with purchasing my own business one day.

This was a very hard decision for me, because I was doing what I loved each day, but I ultimately decided to continue with my education and pursue a bachelor's degree instead of becoming a business owner at that time. It's the best decision I have ever made because during the first class of my first semester at UMASS, I sat near a young woman, who would first become my best friend and eventually five years later, my wife. After graduating from college with my Bachelor’s degree, using the idea that had been ingrained in me from a young age, (money doesn’t grow on trees), I had saved enough money to be able to afford my first apartment. My itch was still there, and after a year of renting, my future wife and I decided to purchase a starter home. 

Buying my first home was one of the best feelings I have ever had. We loved every second of it; having a backyard, being able to change the color of the walls, and being able to host our family and friends for dinner parties. After getting married, and deciding we were ready to start a family, we sold our first home and bought our second which is where we currently live. The itch is still there, I realized that owning a home was the start but there was much more I needed to achieve before this itch will go away.

I was born and raised in the SouthCoast of Massachusetts, but always had an affinity for the City of Providence. After five years of working in the food manufacturing industry, I decided it was time to make a change and find a career that would utilize my skills, and make me happy each day. I have found that here in the City of Providence at Strive Realty. Here at Strive I am surrounded by genuine, caring people with great minds who are always thinking big picture. 

Joseph Colaluca (the owner) and Kyle Remy (my team lead) inspire each person they interact with daily to be better than they were the day before. The inspiration they create is infectious, and I hope to take a little bit of it along with me to all the people I meet during my real estate journey. My long term goal is to purchase a restaurant, and several income properties, and enjoy the city I fell in love with, with my wife and future children. Hopefully accomplishing all of this will finally get rid of this itch I got a long time ago. Thank you for taking your time to get to know me, when you are ready contact me so I can help you find your new home, and make your dreams come true. 

Strive Lofts, Providence, RI. Luxury mill conversion developed by Strive.