Phil Gendreau

Operations Manager

I always had an interest in real estate and management. It really didn’t come full circle until I got in to my 30’s. I remember growing up and helping my dad and grandmother with properties that they owned in the Smith HIll area of Providence. I was able to pick up some trade skills that my father would teach me, understand rent, and also the relationship of landlord and tenant.

I attended Western New England University where I majored in Business Management & Entrepreneurship. From there, I spent most of my 20’s in restaurants and hospitality  where I was the General Manager of a few highly successful operations. I eventually started my own mobile bartending company, which while challenging, taught me many skills in many areas of owning a business.

After I was married to my wife Corey in 2019 and the discussion of family was brought up, I was looking for bigger and more long term goals for myself and my family that didn’t include shifts ending at 3am. At that same time, Joe was reaching out to me about opportunities he had at Strive which involved opening a restaurant and also learning many aspects in Real Estate. In reality, the timing could not have been better for both of us.

I joined the Strive Team and knew fairly quickly I wanted to be part of the daily hustle that the other members were a part of. I took the role as Office Manager overseeing all aspects of Strive’s Operations. Including rentals, maintenance, bookkeeping, hospitality, tenant and partner relations.

I decided to get my Real Estate license in both Rhode Island & Massachusetts in early 2020  as well and start building my client base for buyers & sellers.  I was hungry and eager to start purchasing properties and becoming a landlord. I purchased my first investment property at an auction sight unseen. Outbidding 67 other investors for your first property is quite the rush!

I did a full renovation on the property, completed a zone change with the city converting from a single family to two family, and had fully rented within 4 months of purchase.  It was quite the experience. I was able to take what I have learned with Strive and what I have learned growing up and being around investment properties and apply to this property.

As Strive takes on more properties I am excited to continue the growth with them and being a vital part in the completion of grand scale projects as well as working on the day to day operations.

With my first child only a few weeks away, I will continue to invest in properties as well and maybe one day teach my daughter the ins & outs of Real Estate.

Strive Lofts, Providence, RI. Luxury mill conversion developed by Strive.