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What’s On Broadway?

Broadway is a street that will keep you busy all day long. For breakfast there is Bagel Express on Broadway, and Seven Stars Bakery. After breakfast, you can browse through the White Buffalo and Rocketship to … [Read More...]

Plant City

When you enter Plant City you are met by a smiling hostess that will gladly answer your questions or show you to your table. There are four restaurants that make up the food hall and you have your choice of eating … [Read More...]

Brooklyn Coffee, Tea and Guest House

Brooklyn Coffee, Tea and Guest House is a light friendly place to enjoy a stimulating drink. The inside is roomy with plenty of tables and chairs, but on a nice day, the garden is the place to sit with friends. If … [Read More...]

PVDFest in Providence Rhode Island

The PVDFest is a fun and inspiring four days held in Providence during the month of June. Strivers can come and listen to bands playing music from different cultures. See art from many local artists,  as well … [Read More...]