We're committed to redefining the essence of a brokerage.


We're committed to redefining the essence of a brokerage. With a significant investment in a collaborative brick and mortar experience, Strive houses all aspects of a real estate transaction of any scale in one entity.

Investment Eco-System

The Strive eco-system is built around multi-family and real estate investments. Our agents experience first hand how investment deals are structured, and the life-changing capabilities of a real estate portfolio. The Strive team is backed by years of experience in the acquisition, ownership, management, and sale of real estate. From first time buyers to seasoned investors, our team is prepared to offer a calculated strategy for your next investment.

Strive Studio

Strive Studio, our in-house marketing and design agency, is backed by extensive experience in the marketing of residential, commercial, and real estate development transactions. We recognize the ever growing need for digital marketing efforts and have tailored our practices around this shift.


Besides exemplary representation, Strive recognizes that a real estate transaction requires a top-tier support network. Each member of our team specializes in key areas to help ensure a smooth transaction, and to effectively address potential issues. Our clients appreciate our wealth of knowledge, pool of resources, and willingness to accommodate their requests.